Traffic Counts

Traffic Counts

The City of Redmond collects traffic count information throughout the City. This information is collected to support many City activities, including:

Traffic count data and interactive maps are available via

2018 Fall Count (September-November)
The annual citywide traffic count starting in mid-September and ending by mid-November.  You may notice tube counters across the road and low-resolution cameras on poles.  Be advised that no personal information is captured with this method.

2018 Fall Count Map

Washington State Ped-Bike Count (September 25-September 27)
The annual statewide pedestrian and bicycle count is being conducted September 25-September 27.  For more information, visit the Washington State Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Portal.

Back Paths to School Study (September-October)
The City is deploying traffic cameras in and around neighborhood streets to record pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle activity near pathways where students can enter and exit school grounds.  This information will be used as part of an overall assessment of traffic safety at these entrances and to identify possible solutions to address ongoing concerns from schools and residents. 

Contact City of Redmond Traffic Operations via QAlert at  Select the Neighborhood Traffic Calming category.

Neighborhood Traffic Calming Studies (October)
Speed and volume studies will be conducted in October as part of the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program.