2019 Arts Season Grant
Applications are open!

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The Redmond Arts Season is a grant program that supports quality arts and cultural programs that are accessible to Redmond residents and visitors throughout the year in order to:

  • Produce a thriving arts scene in Redmond: Support local artists and arts and cultural organizations.
  • Cultivate a creative environment: Provide an encouraging environment for artists and participants at all levels.
  • Provide inclusivity: Create connections and partnerships across Redmond’s diverse community.


The City of Redmond provides support and resources to help connect Redmond’s diverse community and develop our creative community. This includes any one or a combination of the following resources to meet these goals:

  • Project support OR sustained support grants up to $5000.
  • Coordinated communications, marketing, and outreach activities by City of Redmond staff members.


Any group or individual offering cultural arts programming in Redmond, WA, between March 1 and December 15. Individuals and groups are required to obtain a Redmond business license and may be required to obtain liability insurance.

**New this year** Redmond-based organizations or artists are eligible to apply for program or project-based support – or – sustained support. Non-Redmond-based organizations or artists may apply for support for programs or projects that take place in Redmond-city limits. Applicants are also allowed to submit more than one application if they are for different projects.


  1. Quality Project: Provide a clear, well-conceived, authentic relationship to the community, and promotes arts participation and community relations.
  2. Feasibility & Quality of Past Work: The organization/individual has a proven track record of presenting this and/or other programs and/or demonstrated ability to produce the program (or programs similar); evidence of community involvement and support; and clear realistic budget for the event.
  3. Public Benefit: Project plan describes meaningful efforts to create community participation and reach diverse and underserved audiences.
  4. Match: Strong applications identify matching funds, outside organizational support, in-kind donations or volunteer hours as part of the budget.


Application Deadline: December 14, 2018, 5pm 


Please contact Julie Holmes, Department Administrative Coordinator, if you have any questions about the Arts Season Grant Program at 425-556-2399 or