Landmark Commission
The Landmark Commission meets at 7pm on Thursdays when there is an item of business. The purpose of the Landmarks Commission is to review historic landmark designations for historic properties and any applications for alteration or demolition to existing historic landmark properties.

Contact: Kim Dietz at 425-556-2415


Professional Position
Miguel Llanos
05/20/08 - 03/31/19
Redmond Special Member
Thomas K. Hitzroth 
04/01/05 - 03/31/19

The Landmark Commission membership includes all members of the
Design Review Board.

Meeting Agenda for
Thursday, August 18, 2016

1. Call to Order

2. Elections

3. Approve Minutes:  October 1, 2015

4. Commission Discussions

Topic:  Bill Brown Garage - Certificate of Appropriateness Level II
Description:  Review and make recommendation regarding proposed exterior modification including:

     *Replace entryway doors and establishing security entrances
     *Repairing Corbels; and
     *Adhering lighting, awnings, and canopies to the buildings

Review Materials: 
Cover Memo, Attachment A, Attachment B, Attachment C, Attachment DAttachment E, Attachment F, Attachment G

Staff Contact:  Kim Dietz, 425-556-2415,

5. Staff Report/Topics for Next Meeting

6. Adjourn

Enhanced Agenda for print  (pdf)

Landmark Commission Rules

Administrative rules govern how the Landmark Commission will conduct its business.  They describe the general format for Landmark Commission meetings, usual meeting days and other administrative details.  The Landmark Commission rules and procedures were approved by City Council on 11/20/12.

Link to:  Landmark Commission Rules
Link to:  Landmark Commission Procedures 

Agendas & Summaries