Final Plat

What is it?

A Final Plat is the final drawing of a subdivision and dedication prepared for filing for record with the King County Department of Records and Elections. A Final Plat contains all elements and requirements set by the City of Redmond.
See the following Redmond Zoning Code (RZC) sections for additional information:
RZC 21.74.020 Land Division Standards  
RZC 21.52.010 Transportation Concurrency  

How Much Does it Cost?

Our review fee is a flat fee and is established within the Development Engineering Division Fees. An initial fee is required to be paid at the time of application submittal. All associated fees can be found in the fee schedule noted below.

Development Engineering Division Fees  or the Permit Fee Index

How Long Does It Take?

How long it takes us to complete our review of your proposal depends on several factors, including the:
  • Complexity of your proposal
  • Quality of your plans and project documentation
  • Timely response to correction letters and requests for further information  

Steps to Get Your Application Approved

1. Research
Find your property information. Research your site to help you plan your project.
Use our Property Viewer Interactive Map to find zoning and environmentally critical areas information.
Determine restrictions to your project. Research the Redmond Zoning Code to determine standards that will apply to your proposal. See links to RZC 21.74.020, Land Division Standards and RZC 21.52.010, Transportation Concurrency above.

2. Start the Application Process
Apply for an application. Get an application number by submitting your application to the Development Services Center.  You will need to provide all information noted in the applicable Final Plat Intake Requirements checklist.

Final Plat Application

Final Plat Intake Requirements & Checklist
Final Plat Process for Recording
Prepare your plans and technical documents. Plans and technical document must be electronic and in accordance with the requirements specified within the submittal checklist.
3. Submit Application
Schedule an intake appointment. Call 425-556-2494 to schedule an intake appointment at the Development Services Center.
Staff from the Development Engineering & Construction Division will review your Final Plat application and will be your direct point of contact. When you are ready to prepare your Final Plat submittal package, please contact Pat Lyga at 425-556-2747 or email to set up a kick-off meeting.
Pay fee. Application fees are due at application submittal.