Union Hill Road Phase III

Vicinity Map

Location: 188th Ave. NE to the City of Redmond / King County border, 188th Avenue NE, 192nd Avenue NE, and NE 84th Street

Project Phase: Construction complete!

Estimated Timeline: Construction began in February 2015 and is complete. Permanent pavement markings will be installed when the weather allows.

Contact: Eric Dawson, 425-556-2723

Page Last Updated: 03/28/16

Description: Union Hill Road Phase III completes the gap between the previously completed City project to the west (approximately 188th Avenue NE) and the improvements constructed by King County's Novelty Hill Road project (see NE Novelty Hill Road / Union Hill Road for previous project details).

The design includes two travel lanes in each direction, a two-way left turn lane, and bike lanes and sidewalks on both sides of the road. Collectively these changes improve mobility on NE Union Hill Road for vehicles and trucks traveling to and from southeast Redmond. The new sidewalks and bike lanes provide safer travel for residents and employees walking and biking to and from adjacent parks and commercial areas.

An improved NE Union Hill Road improves traffic operations on other streets in the transportation network by allowing NE 76th Street to remain an internal collector street for traffic within southeast Redmond. NE Union Hill Road can also serve as an alternate route to Avondale Road for vehicles moving to and from Union Hill and Novelty Hill.

Union Hill Road - Complete

This project also included construction of two ponds to meet immediate stormwater needs. These regional ponds will provide flow control and water quality for the Union Hill Road Phase III improvements prior to discharging stormwater to Evans Creek.

Stormwater detention pond

The Union Hill Road Phase III project was funded in part by a Transportation Improvement Board grant and two Department of Ecology grants.