Alarm Protocol

Commercial/Residential Burglary Alarm Information

Effective January 6, 2015

General Procedures:

  • The Redmond Police Department will accept and process requests for response to burglary alarm activations from alarm monitoring companies that provide services within the City of Redmond.
  • Alarm company verification consisting of a call into the premise, notifying an emergency contact or audible/video confirmation are required before a request for response will be accepted.
  • Verified burglary alarms will be dispatched to officers unless the address of the alarm location has accumulated a history of more than six false alarms in the last 12-month period. Premises that have exceeded the limit of six false alarms will be classified in an ALARM-DENIED status and will not be dispatched for response.

False Alarm Warning and Alarm Status Change Notifications:

  • When a premise accumulates a history of three false alarms during the past 12-month period, the department will send a warning letter to the alarm premise address.
  • Upon accumulating a history of six false alarms during the past 12-month period, the department will send a letter to the alarm premise address notifying the alarm system owner/subscriber that their premise status has been changed to ALARM-DENIED and that the department will no longer dispatch burglary alarm company requests for response to their address.

Alarm Response Re-instatement:

  • Alarm system owner/subscribers who wish to have their alarm response re-instated may request outreach assistance from the Redmond Police Department’s Crime Prevention Officer. The Crime Prevention Officer will exercise his/her discretion based upon the outcomes of corrective action(s) taken by the alarm system owner/subscriber to determine whether alarm response will be re-instated or the ALARM-DENIED status continues.

Questions regarding the Redmond Police Department’s burglary alarm response protocols may be directed to the Crime Prevention Office at 425-556-2541 or email: