Regional Initiatives

Transforming the Vision into Reality: Regional Initiatives

Rapid Ride

B-Line Taking transit between Overlake and Downtown Redmond or Downtown Bellevue has never been easier!  The Rapid Ride B-Line comes every 10-15 minutes during the day and features free Wi-Fi, real-time bus arrival signs, and well-lit shelters. In Overlake, the B-Line travels principally on 148th Ave. NE, 152nd Ave. NE, and 156th Ave. NE with stops at the Overlake Transit Center on NE 40th St. and Overlake Park & Ride on 152nd Ave. NE.

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East Link Light Rail

B-LineLight rail service begins in Overlake in 2023!  Light rail to Overlake is funded, and will quickly and conveniently transports residents, employees and visitors between two Overlake stations and regional destinations.  One station will be located at the Overlake Transit Center on NE 40th St., and the other will be located at the north end of 152nd Ave. NE is Overlake Village.  Riders will have traffic-free access to Downtown Bellevue in 11 minutes, and Downtown Seattle in 30 minutes.

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156th Ave NE street overlay: repairs to 156th have begun.  Find out more.

East Link light rail extension: read the latest on Sound Transit's page.

Esterra Park (Capstone/Group Health): view final park design proposal.

South Detention Vault: construction has begun!  Find out more about this important project.

South Vault Postcard (March 2014)

Jeff Churchill

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