HE 08/07/2013

Redmond Hearing Examiner

August 7, 2013, 1 p.m., Council Chambers

Agenda (for printing)

File No. LAND-2013-01289

Appeal of a Type I Departmental Director Decision regarding: Tent City Temporary Use Permit, LAND-2013-00929

Location: 11500 Red-Wood Road NE, Redmond 

Exhibit A1 - Appellant’s Prehearing Statement (John Baumann)
Exhibit A2 - 09/30/2004 City of Bothell Memorandum, Police Department, re: Tent City Final Police Report
Exhibit A3 - Kirkland Reporter Article (from World Wide Web)
Exhibit A4 - Seattle Times Newspaper Article (from World Wide Web)
Exhibit A5 - Tent City – Related Incidents, Mercer Island Police Department, 06/16/2008
Exhibit A6 - City of Redmond Ordinance No. 2599(AM); Pages from Chablis PRD/PPL Hearing Examiner Decision
Exhibit C1 - City of Redmond, Technical Committee Report
Exhibit C1, Attachment 1 - Application
Exhibit C1, Attachment 2 - Vicinity Map
Exhibit C1, Attachment 3 - Notice of Application and Public Meeting
Exhibit C1, Attachment 4 - Public Meeting
Exhibit C1, Attachment 5 - Public Comment
Exhibit C1, Attachment 6 - Notice of Decision
Exhibit C1, Attachment 7 - Notice of Appeal Hearing
Exhibit C1, Attachment 8 - Appeal
Exhibit C1, Attachment 9 - PowerPoint Presentation
Exhibit C2 - City of Redmond Pre-Hearing Memorandum of Law
Exhibit C3 - City Staff PowerPoint Presentation (Appeal Hearing, 08/07/2013)
Exhibit C4 - Redmond Police Calls 2013 to Tent City (Redwood Family Church and St. Jude’s Catholic Church locations)
Exhibit C5 - Aerial view (GIS photo) of general project location (with measurement)
Exhibit C6 - Redmond Zoning Code (RZC) Table 21.08.060C; RZC 21.08.280 with Comments by S. Fischer
Exhibit C7 - Temporary Use Permit Application, Share/Wheel and Redwood Family Church
Exhibit C8 - Resolution No. 428; re Conditional Use Permit