Dowtown Redmond

Cleveland Streetscape Improvements

Cleveland Steet Rendering

Location: Cleveland St from 161th Ave NE to 164th Ave NE
Project Phase: In Construction
Estimated Timeline: Construction 2014



Constructs the west half of Cleveland Street between 161th Avenue NE and 164th Avenue NE to develop a vibrant and flexible “main street”.

The Cleveland Streetscape project enhances the developing community gathering place in the heart of downtown by widening sidewalks, improving the street to curbless, concrete, and preparing for eventual two-way street operation. The project is located in the heart of the historic downtown, between the future Downtown Park and the Redmond Central Connector Trail. Project features include signal improvements, sidewalks, on-street parking, street lighting, utilities, and landscaping.

Upon completion of the future Downtown Couplet Conversion project, both Redmond Way and Cleveland Street will be converted to two-way operations - anticipated early 2017. The Cleveland Streetscape and the Downtown Couplet Conversion projects are the final transportation stages in the implementation of the Downtown East/West Corridor Study (DEWCS), reinforcing downtown Redmond as an economically healthy, people-friendly place, enhanced by the movement of pedestrians, bikes, cars, and a diversity of businesses.