Low Impact Development

Stormwater Management Requirements are Changing!

The City's stormwater management requirements are changing. These requirements will improve the health of our streams by adopting low impact development (LID) principles. Redmond's Water Resources Strategic Plan, adopted in 2015, calls for the City to develop a "Low Impact Development (LID) approach...to support desired stormwater management strategies andLID as a required element of our NPDES permit."  To fulfill that strategy, in 2016, City staff will be revising the Redmond Municipal Code, the Redmond Zoning Code, and the Stormwater Technical Notebook.

As is required by the City’s NPDES stormwater permit, new standards will be adopted and apply to any project that is not vested before January 1, 2017.

Watch this page for updates about our process of revising code requirements and to learn more about LID in and around Redmond. Your participation in this process is welcomed.

Contact:  Steve Hitch, PE
                Senior Stormwater Engineer

Important Documents

January 6, 2016 - Stormwater Codes are Changing Flyer

This is an Adobe Acrobat document.  Obtain free Acrobat Reader to view.