03/05/2013 agenda

Redmond City Council Regular Meeting Agenda


Council Chambers - 7:30 p.m.

Agenda for Printing

I.     Executive Session   
  A.  Labor Negotiations [RCW 42.30.140(4)(b)] - 5 minutes  
II.  Special Orders of the Day  
III. Items from the Audience  
IV. Consent Agenda  
  A. Consent Agenda  
Approved 7/0  1. Approval of the Minutes: Regular Meeting of Tuesday, February 19, 2013  
Approved 7/0  2. Approval of Payroll/Direct Deposit and Claims Checks  
Approved 7/0  3. AM No. 13-040: Approval of Appointment of Michele Robbins to the Library Board     EX
Adopted 7/0 4. AM No. 13-041: Approval of 2013-2015 Labor Agreement with the International Association of Fire Fighters No. 2829, Representing Fire Support Employees, and Setting 2013 Salaries for the Fire Support Pay Plan  HR
      a. Ordinance No. 2683: An Ordinance Establishing the 2013 Pay Plan for Fire Support Employees Covered by the International Association of Fire Fighters No. 2829 Representing All Non-Uniformed Employees of the City of Redmond Fire Department, Excluding Supervisors, Confidential Employees, and All Other City Employees  
Approved 7/0  5. AM No. 13-042: Termination of Construction Contract with West Coast Construction Co., Inc., for the Base Bid Amount of $1,080,315.20 Plus Change Orders and Bid Quantity Increases and Decreases, for the Overlake Stormwater Facilities, LID Retrofit, Project No. 20020806  PW
Approved 7/0  6. AM No. 13-043: Approval of Supplemental Agreement No. 3, with HDR Engineering, Inc., in an Amount Not-to-Exceed $42,186 for Overlake Stormwater Facilities, Project No. 20020806, and Authorizing the Mayor to Sign the Agreement     PW
  B. Items Removed from Consent Agenda
V. Hearings and Reports  
  A. Public Hearings  
  Adopted 7/0   1. AM No. 13-044: Jones Annexation, L120418   PL
     a. Ordinance No. 2684: An Ordinance Annexing 5.3 Acres of Unincorporated King County Bounded on the East by Redmond-Woodinville Road and on the West by 154th Avenue NE, Immediately Adjacent to the City Limits of Redmond, and Requiring the Property to be Assessed and Taxed at the Same Rate and on the Same Basis as Other Property Within the City, File No. L120418  
  B. Reports  
    1. Staff Reports  
  Presented    a. AM No. 13-046: Fourth Quarter 2012 Financial Report  FN
  2. Ombudsman Report, MYERS
    3. Committee Reports  
VI. Unfinished Business  
VII. New Business  
Approved 5-2
AM No. 13-045: General Sewer Plan Amendment for Rose Hill Heights South Subarea   PN
VIII. Ordinances and Resolutions  
IX. Adjournment  

March 5, 2013

Redmond City Hall
Council Chambers
15670 NE 85th Street

Hank Myers


John Marchione

Council Members
Pat Vache, President
Hank Margeson, Vice-President
Kimberly Allen
David Carson
Tom Flynn
Hank Myers
John Stilin

EX Executive
FN Finance
FD Fire Department
HR Human Resources
PK Parks and Recreation
PL Planning
PD Police Department
PW Public Works