02/19/2013 agenda

Redmond City Council Regular Meeting Agenda

Council Chambers - 7:30 p.m.

Agenda for Printing

*Motion to Excuse Councilmembers Flynn, Carson, and Vache
(Approved 4-0)

I.  Special Orders of the Day  
II. Items from the Audience  
III. Consent Agenda  
  A. Consent Agenda  
Approved 4-0   1. Approval of the Minutes: Regular Meeting of Tuesday, February 5, 2013  
Approved 4-0   2. Approval of Payroll/Direct Deposit and Claims Checks  
Approved 4-0 3. AM No. 13-027: Approval of the Amended and Restated Solid Waste Interlocal Agreement EX
Approved 4-0 4. AM No. 13-028: Approval of Contract with Lucity TM for the Purchase and Implementation of an Enterprise Asset Maintenance and Management System FN
Approved 4-0   5. AM No. 13-029: Approval of 2013-2015 Labor Agreement with the Redmond Police Association, Representing Police Support Employees, and Setting 2013 Salaries for the Police Support Pay Plan HR
      a. Ordinance No. 2680: An Ordinance Establishing the 2013 Pay Plan for Employees covered by the Redmond Police Association, Representing Police Support Employees  
      b. Ordinance No. 2681: An Ordinance Amending Supplemental “S-PS” Pay Plan in Order to Set Supplemental Salaries for Redmond Police Association Representing Police Support For the Year 2013  
Approved 4-0 6. AM No. 13-030: Approval of 2013 ARCH (A Regional Coalition for Housing) Work Program and Budget PL
Approved 4-0 7. AM No. 13-031: Approval of Fall 2012 Housing Trust Fund Allocation for ARCH (A Regional Coalition for Housing) PL
      a. Resolution No. 1384: A Resolution Authorizing the Duly-Appointed Administering Agency for A Regional Coalition for Housing (ARCH) to Execute All Documents Necessary to Enter Into Agreements for the Funding of Affordable Housing Projects, as Recommended by the ARCH Executive Board, Utilizing Funds from the City’s Housing Trust Fund  
Approved 4-0   8. AM No. 13-032: Approval of Framework for Request for Proposals for a Downtown Affordable Senior Housing Development PL
Approved 4-0    9. AM No. 13-033: Approval of Resolution Ratifying 2012 Amendments to the King County Countywide Planning Policies PL
      a. Resolution No. 1385: A Resolution Ratifying 2012 Amendments to the King County Countywide Planning Policies  
Approved 4-0    10. AM No. 13-034: Approval of 2013 Janitorial Cleaning Services Agreement with Buena Vista Services, Inc. in an amount of $167,940 PW
Approved 4-0    11. AM No. 13-035: Approval of Consultant Services Agreement with Financial Consulting Services Group in an amount of $94,800 for Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Rate Studies PW
Approved 4-0    12. AM No. 13-036: Acceptance of Construction with Road Construction Northwest, Inc. in a final amount of $290,091.71 for 2012 Stormwater Improvements, Project No. 20021116 PW
  B. Items Removed from Consent Agenda
IV. Hearings and Reports  
  A. Public Hearings  
    1. AM No. 13-037: Approval of Interim Land Use Regulations and Official Controls; and Prohibiting Medical Cannabis Collective Gardens and Other Marijuana Related Facilities and Uses PL
    a. Ordinance No. 2682: An Ordinance Adopting Interim Land Use Regulations and Official Controls Pursuant to RCW 35A.63.220 and RCW 36.70A.390; Adding New Marijuana-Related Definitions to RZC 21.78; Adding a New RZC Chapter 21.41 Prohibiting Medical Cannabis Collective Gardens in All Zoning Districts of the City and Prohibiting the Location of Other Marijuana-Related Facilities and Uses Until the State Adopts Licensing Regulations and the City Adopts Zoning Regulations; Entering Legislative Findings  
  B. Reports  
    1. Staff Reports  
Presented      a. AM No. 13-038: Central Puget Sound Growing Transit Communities Program – Draft Regional Compact and Corridor Action Strategies PL
Presented      b. AM No. 13-039: Overlake SEPA Planned Action Update PL
    2. Ombudsman Report, ALLEN
    3. Committee Reports  
V. Unfinished Business  
VI. New Business  
VII. Ordinances and Resolutions  
VIII. Executive Session  
IX. Adjournment  

February 19, 2013

Redmond City Hall
Council Chambers
15670 NE 85th Street

Kim Allen


John Marchione

Council Members
Pat Vache, President
Hank Margeson, Vice-President
Kimberly Allen
David Carson
Tom Flynn
Hank Myers
John Stilin

EX Executive
FN Finance
FD Fire Department
HR Human Resources
PK Parks and Recreation
PL Planning
PD Police Department
PW Public Works