Odd Fellows Hall

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Odd Fellows Hall, 7979 Leary Way NE

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Like Lodge Hall, this building was constructed in 1903 and is now home to Redmond's Bar & Grill. Built as a community gathering hall, it has been used by the Eagles and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, which occupied the building until 1973.

The Odd Fellows Hall was built in 1903 by Herman S. Reid. It is constructed from handpicked lumber from Peterson’s sawmill on Avondale. It was Redmond’s first community and entertainment hall and its first movie house with a projectionist. The building hosted local celebrities including Daphne Rosford Foss - an improvising pianist, accompanying silent movies if the sound system failed, and even entertaining crowds from Seattle. This structure is important because it dates to an early period in Redmond’s development and is a rare example of a surviving wood frame building in the community.

In 1926, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) purchased the building, and when Bill Brown’s Saloon closed due to prohibition, Redmond’s Saturday night dances moved to this venue. The Order of Odd Fellows is a fraternal organization where residents could reach out and provide support to one another in times of need.

In 1970, Edwardian Antiques occupied the building and later the Odd Fellow’s Grill. It is now occupied by Redmond's Bar & Grill. Today this building represents one of the city’s earliest efforts to promote community welfare in Redmond as it provided a gathering place where all citizens could enjoy a sense of belonging, ensure the growth of community, and ensure that every knew that they could depend on one another in times of prosperity as well as crisis. And, aspects of community gathering continue at this location today.