Roundabouts Frequently Asked Questionsline

Click on the link provided to access answers, courtesy of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (February 2006), to the following frequently asked questions about roundabouts:

The questions below are answered in the above pdf.

1. What is a roundabout?

2. How do roundabouts differ from older traffic circles and rotaries?

3. How do roundabouts affect safety?

4. How do roundabouts affect traffic flow?

5. Are there other benefits?

6. Can roundabouts accommodate larger vehicles?

7. How do roundabouts affect older drivers?

8. Are roundabouts safe for pedestrians?

9. Do roundabouts require more space than traditional intersections?

10. Do drivers favor roundabouts?

11. What are the impediments to building roundabouts?

12. How common are roundabouts in the United States?

13. What are appropriate locations for roundabouts?

14. What types of intersections may not be good candidates for roundabouts?

Roundabout Design Manual 

The City of Redmond's Roundabout Design Manual (June 2013) is also available for viewing.