Redmond's Adopt-A-Street Program gives local businesses and community groups the chance to adopt part of a roadway in the City and keep it litter-free by performing three clean-up sessions a year.  In return, the City installs two signs on the adopted street identifying the group responsible for its care and supplies those volunteers with safety equipment and the necessary materials for work.

Adopt-A-Street in Redmond is modeled after King County's program.  Participants join by contacting the City with a section of street they would like to adopt, usually adjacent to the company or group's location.  Coordination is made with the City's Street Maintenance Division to determine if the requested street is safe for this kind of activity.  Participants then fill out an Adopt-A-Street Agreement and a Hold Harmless Agreement.  Once those steps are complete, signs are installed and litter pick-up equipment is supplied to the participants, who then schedule their three clean-up sessions for the year.

Currently the City has four active Adopt-A-Street groups:
  • Redmond Youth Partnership Advisory Committee (RYPAC) has adopted 166 Avenue NE from NE 80 Street to Redmond Junior High
  • Kiwanis in conjunction with the Redmond High School Key Club works on NE 116 Street between Avondale Road and 172 Avenue NE
  • Maureen Albi for John L. Scott Realty cleans up on NE 104 Street from 166 to 179 Avenue NE
  • Firefighters Local 2829 take care of West Lake Sammamish Parkway from SR520 to NE 40 Street.
If you are interested in signing on for Adopt-A-Street, contact Susan Byszeski at 425.556.2882 or at for more information.