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Let's Stay In Touch
Get and stay connected by sharing your contact information with City staff as part of the Neighborhood Network. Digital contacts help us share timely information and save on printing and postage. You can: 

  • "Like" your neighborhood Facebook page
  • Sign up for your neighborhood news through Redmond e-Alerts
  • Send your name and e-mail to Kimberly Dietz, 425-556-2415 Senior Planner and Neighborhood Network program coordinator.

Let’s Plan Our Conversations
The Neighborhood Network program focuses on topics that are important to you, particularly during the annual neighborhood meetings. What are the most important topics to you? Please share your ideas for the 2014 Neighborhood Network series here.

Let's Meet In Your Neighborhood
The Neighborhood Network program includes an opportunity for the City to come to you. Similar to National Night Out, we would enjoy partnering with you to coordinate Neighborhood Network conversations with you and your neighbors. Home owner associations, block watch groups, faith-based communities, and other groups can contact Kimberly Dietz, 425-556-2415 to schedule discussion topics. In the past, we've focused on topics important to neighborhoods such as public safety, transportation, natural resources, and local development projects. 

Getting Involved with the
Sammamish Valley Neighborhood

Many community members participate in helping to consider the future on behalf of their neighborhood.  The City offers a variety of choices for those who live, work, own property, and have an interest in Redmond to learn more and participate at a level that works with their schedule.  The following describe a few approaches that citizens have taken part in during the past few years as well as a few new and emerging tools:


Level of Involvement

Next Step

Open House Periodic - scheduled
as needed and announced
via neighborhood mailer 
Frequent - approximate
two-year commitment
during neighborhood plan
Mailing List  As opportunities arise - receive occasional e-mail from staff about opportunities to participate 
Send your e-mail address to Kimberly Dietz
eAlerts  Periodic, as opportunities arise - join Redmond's eAlerts Subscription to receive timely e-mails about the neighborhood 
eAlerts Subscription (check the Sammamish Valley box) 
Stewardship  As often as preferred - volunteer as a neighborhood steward to assist with projects and other activities throughout the year 

About the Sammamish Valley Neighborhood

The Sammamish Valley neighborhood plan policies

View of Sammamish Valley from Willows RoadThe Sammamish Valley is bounded on the north by the Redmond City limits, on the south by Downtown Redmond, on the east by the slopes of Education Hill, and on the west by Willows Road.
The south end of the Sammamish Valley is a manufacturing and research and development area.  These types of uses transition to recreation and agricultural uses at the north end of the valley.


Kimberly Dietz 

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