06/21/2011 agenda

Redmond City Council Regular Meeting Agenda

Council Chambers - 7:30 p.m.

Agenda for Printing

PROCLAMATION: Amateur Radio Week; June 20-26, 2011
PROCLAMATION: Recreation and Parks Month; July 2011

I. Items from the Audience  
II. Consent Agenda  
  A. Consent Agenda  
Approved 7-0   1. Approval of the Minutes: Regular Meetings of Tuesday, June 7, 2011  
Approved 7-0   2. Approval of Payroll/Direct Deposit and Claims Checks  
Approved 7-0   3. AM No. 11-119: Approval of Amendment No. 2 to Contract No. 6013, System Software Agreement Between the City of Redmond and Tyler Technologies, Inc., in an amount of $71,400 FN
Approved 7-0   4. AM No. 11-120: Approval of Amendment of the 2011 Non-Union Pay Plan to Accommodate New Classifications as a Result of Departmental Reorganizations HR
      a. Ordinance No. 2603: An Ordinance amending the 2011 Non-Union Pay Plan for the Year 2011  
Approved 7-0   5. AM No. 11-121: Approval of Resolution Amending the Administrative Procedures for Collection of Market Data and Repealing the Appeals Process HR
  a. Resolution No. 1358: A Resolution Amending the Administrative Procedures for the Collection of Market Data Related to Comprehensive Compensation Study and Repealing the Appeals Process as Adopted in Resolution No. 1142
Approved 7-0   6. AM No. 11-122: Approval of Contract Amendment with Stoel Rives for BNSF Corridor Legal Services PK
Approved 7-0   7. AM No. 11-123: Approval of Authorization of the Mayor to Sign the Amended and Restated Contract Between Hopelink and the City of Redmond for the Dixie Price Project PL
Approved 7-0   8. AM No. 11-124: Approval of Resolution Authorizing the Mayor to Sign the Growing Transit Communities Memorandum of Understanding for the Central Puget Sound Region PL
      a. Resolution No. 1359: A Resolution Authorizing the Mayor, John Marchione, to sign the Growing Transit Communities Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)  
Approved 7-0   9. AM No. 11-125: Approval of Redmond Trip Resource and Incentive Program (R-TRIP) Agreement with King County PL
Approved 7-0   10. AM No. 11-126: Approval of Supplemental Consultant Agreement No. 4 with GeoEngineers in an amount of $254,987 for the Groundwater Monitoring Network Enhancement Project PW
Approved 7-0   11. AM No. 11-127: Approval of Termination of 1999 Interlocal Agreement with King County for Reciprocal Collection of Transportation Impact Fees PW
Approved 7-0   12. AM No. 11-128: Approval of Consultant Agreement for Engineering Design Services with The Berger Partnership in an amount not to exceed $870,000 for Redmond Central Connector, Phase I, Project No. 101569 PW
  B. Items Removed from Consent Agenda  
III. Hearings and Reports  
  A. Public Hearings  
Approved 7-0   1. AM No. 11-129: Redmond Comprehensive Plan and Redmond Zoning Code Amendments, L100153, L100344 SEPA (continued from May 17, 2011) FN
    a. Ordinance No. 2598: An Ordinance Amending the Downtown Districts Maps in the Redmond Comprehensive Plan and in RZC 21.10.020 in order to Re-Designate and Rezone Certain Property in the Vicinity of Redmond Way and 170th Avenue NE from the Bear Creek (BC) District to the Anderson Park (AP) District, City File No. L100153; Adding a New Map 10.2 to the Height Limit Overlay Maps Set forth in RZC 21.10.110(B)  
  B. Reports  
    1. City Lobbyist Report, Doug Levy  
    2.  Staff Reports  
      a.  Verbal Report: PSE Power Station Fire  
      b. AM No. 11-130: 2010 Impact Fee Collection and Distribution FN
    3. Ombudsman Report, Myers
    4. Committee Reports  
IV. Unfinished Business  
V. New Business  
  A. AM No. 11-131: Approval of Resolution: Intent to Adopt Package I Amendments, 2010-2011 Comprehensive Plan Update (L100259) PL
Amended 4-3
Approved 7-0
  1. Resolution No. 1360: A Resolution Expressing the City Council’s Intent to Adopt the Package I Amendments of the 2010-2011 Comprehensive Plan Update, Development File No. L100259, Subject to Reconciliation with the Remainder of the Project  
VI. Ordinances and Resolutions  
VII. Adjournment  

June 21, 2011

Redmond City Hall
Council Chambers
15670 NE 85th Street

Hank Myers


John Marchione

Council Members:
Richard Cole, President
Pat Vache, Vice President
Kimberly Allen
David Carson
Hank Margeson
Hank Myers
John Stilin

EX Executive
FN Finance
FD Fire Department
HR Human Resources
PK Parks and Recreation
PL Planning
PD Police Department
PW Public Works