Review Process

Proposals submitted under the Innovative Housing Ordinance will be reviewed by City staff, the neighborhood, and a six-member staff-community Review Panel, which includes a youth advocate in an advisory role. It is the Review Panel that authorizes projects to proceed to apply for land-use permits.

Review by City staff

Applicants are strongly encouraged to meet with staff early in the project development phase to ensure that the proposal is consistent with the goals of the ordinance and that it does not exhibit any "fatal flaws" that would prohibit its further consideration. For example, all residential development in Redmond must conform to certain public safety standards, and conformance from those standards early in the life of the project will make further review more straightforward.

Neighborhood meeting. After a complete proposal is submitted to the City, the applicant is required to present the proposal to the neighborhood through a neighborhood meeting. The applicant should take the input from the neighborhood into consideration in revising its materials for the Review Panel.

Review Panel

After the applicant has had time to revise the proposal in light of staff and neighborhood feedback, a Review Panel evaluates the proposal according to the criteria and parameters identified in the ordinance. The Panel may decide to authorize the proposal to proceed for land-use permit applications, deny such proceeding, or request additional information or modifications. The Review Panel consists of: two members of the Design Review Board, one member of the Technical Committee (City staff), one member of the Planning Commission, and one member of the applicable neighborhood association of Citizen Advisory Committee. Where no such active association or Committee exists, the Panel will include an additional member of the Planning Commission.

Role of City Council

Parties may appeal Review Panel decisions to the City Council. In addition, the City Council may authorize consideration of more than the standard five projects per year.

Linked here is a printable document containing proposal submittal requirements and a review process flow chart that shows graphically the process that is described above.