Downtown Regional Facilities

Update October 17, 2014

The City is currently working on a Basin Plan for Ecology approval that will document the design of the various Regional Facilities proposed within the downtown area.

Since 2005, the City Council has supported a plan that will transform the stormwater infrastructure in downtown Redmond in just a few years. This rapid retrofit to the stormwater system will dramatically reduce the amount of pollutants flowing from city streets and parking lots into the Sammamish River. This transformation may also help to spur redevelopment in our downtown core by addressing the stormwater impacts associated with that development up front.

Developers will contribute to the cost of these facilities, and working together will make larger improvements to water quality than they could alone. In a relatively short span of time, the main projects completed or scheduled to be constructed are:

2007. McRedmond Water Quality Facility (WQF). This underground facility is located in the parking lot of Luke McRedmond Landing Park. This facility used an innovative filter technology. While that technology is very maintenance intensive, and the City is exploring new alternatives for this site, Ecology granted approval of the technology for general use based on monitoring at this site.

2008. Leary Stormwater Treatment Wetland (STW). This project, Redmond's first stormwater treatment wetland, takes advantage of the natural vegetation processes in a wetland to remove pollutants from stormwater.

2011. Bear Creek Water Quality Facility (WQF). This project is located next to the Bear Creek trail behind Safeway and filters stormwater. This project was completed in the summer of 2011. This project was funded by the Washington State Department of Ecology’s FY2011 Stormwater Retrofit Grant Program.

2011. The Redmond Way Storm Trunk is complete, providing a high capacity pipe through downtown. This project was partially funded by grants from the Washington State Department of Ecology.

2014. Redmond Way Water Quality Facility. This underground system is under construction and will be complete by December 2014. It features a large filter vault facility with a pump station. This project is partially funded by the Washington State Department of Ecology’s FY2011 Stormwater Retrofit Grant Program.

2028. 85th Street WQF. This underground facility, built on the City campus, will treat water from the north downtown area. It will be similar in design to the Redmond Way Facility.

The City is seeking state grants to help support this program. The project is also being funded by the Stormwater CIP and developer contributions through the regional capital facilities charges