2011 Hearing Examiner Schedule and Information
For more information on Hearing Examiner case files, please contact the Office of the Hearing Examiner at the City Clerk's Office: 425-556-2190 

Hearing Matter   Description   Agenda   Final Action   Minutes
Ardmore Substation CUP   Application of Puget Sound Energy for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) - construction of a combined distribution and transmission switching electrical substation.   02/14/11   L090421

Chablis PPL/PRD   Application of John Baumann, Heartland Signature Homes, for a Preliminary Plat (PPL) and Planned Residential Development (PRD) - subdivision of 4.36 acres into 20 lots and one cottage development with 4 units.   04/06/11   L090097   Minutes
Emerald Heights DGA   Application of Emerald Heights for a Development Guide Amendment (DGA); to rezone from existing zoning designation of R-4 to proposed designation of R-6.   05/02/11   L100204

Redmond High School Expansion CUP   Application of Ralph Rohwer, Lake Washington School District, for a Conditional Use Permit; for the construction of classroom addition; auxiliary gym addition; renovations within existing building; portable classrooms and restroom portable.   05/16/11   L110091   Minutes
Benjamin Rush Elementary CUP   Application of Lake Washington School District for a Conditional Use Permit; for the replacement of existing elementary school with new 65,000 sq. ft. school building and associated landscape, parking, and site circulation improvements.   06/06/11   L100133   Minutes
Shaughnessy Heights PRD Modification   Application of Barry Margolese, IBBO LLC/ Amalani LLC for a Modification to an existing Planned Residential Development (PRD) - L050181.   07/06/11   L110195   Minutes
Rose Hill Middle School CUP & Variance   Application of Michael Romero, Lake Washington School District; for a Conditional Use Permit and Variance for replacement of existing junior high with new school building, parking and athletic field.   08/01/11   L110220, L110221   Minutes
Evangelical Chinese Church CUP   Application of Paul Eng for a Conditional Use Permit; for the conversion of two existing manufacturing warehouse buildings into a church.   08/01/11   L110123   Minutes
Redmond Road Wireless CUP       Application of T-Mobile for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for replacement of an existing PSE utility pole.   10/05/11   L100279   Minutes
Redmond Bike Park Appeal   Appeal of Site Plan Entitlement Decision (L110271) and SEPA Determination (L110272)   10/17/11
  L110182, L110183 SEPA   PHC Minutes
Samm-Red Estates Appeal   Appeal of Notice of Decision - Short Plat (File Nos. L080398, DEV070051)   11/16/11   L110371 Minutes  
Hawthorne Lane PPL/PRD   Application of Rick Burnstead Construction for a Preliminary Plat and Planned Residential Development - subdivision of an 8.10 acre site within the R-4 zoning district into 38 single-family detached and attached units   12/19/11   L070570, L070571, L070572   Minutes