Downtown Parking Study


 With the help of a Parking Stakeholders’ Advisory Committee comprised of representatives of retail and commercial businesses, the development community, citizens, and City staff, Rick Williams Consulting has developed the Downtown Redmond Parking Study. Some of the findings and recommendations include:

  • Redmond’s parking standards are very good, especially for a suburban city, and they are generating sufficient on-site parking with new construction to support the general needs for the developments.
  • Over time, the existing allowed parking maximum ratios may need to be recalibrated in order to better support the City’s goals of increasing non-single occupant vehicle (SOV) objectives for transit, ridesharing, biking and walking.
  • Additional design standards should be implemented to assure that new parking garages are designed to be pedestrian friendly, and contribute to the architectural integrity and economic vitality of the neighborhood.
  • On-street parking in some areas of downtown is constrained with more than 85% of the parking stalls being occupied for more than 4 hours a day - as most of these areas have no parking time limits.
  • To support the vision of sustaining a vibrant downtown, on-street parking should be better managed to provide easier access to patrons supporting downtown businesses by eliminating no-limit parking in the constrained areas of downtown.

You may view the Downtown Redmond Parking Study (5 meg PDF format), the Executive Summary (PDF format), or the additional study called Parking Opportunity Sites Analysis (5 meg PDF format) in their entirety by clicking on the links provided for you. The City will be reviewing the findings and recommendations, and will be evaluating implementation actions in the future.