City Landmarks

Redmond City Landmarks

The City Council established the Redmond Heritage Resource Register with 16 properties designated as City Landmarks. Additional properties may be nominated, with the property owner's consent, to become a City of Redmond Landmark. Most landmarked properties are eligible for a variety of incentives through King County, including tax benefits, grants, and loans.

For more information on the landmark designation process, requirements and available incentives, please contact Kimberly Dietz, Senior Planner, at 425-556-2415.

Properties designated as City Landmarks must apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness for any additions or modifications. The City's Landmark and Heritage Commission reviews applications for significant changes to landmarks to ensure that additions or modifications maintain the property's historical integrity.

Video & Audio

Story of Bill Brown's Saloon (mp3)
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Redmond Heritage Resource Register

The Redmond Heritage Resource Register includes 16 properties designated by the City Council as City Landmarks. These properties are detailed on the pages listed to the right.
Leary Way 1905