Budgeting Priorities

I want a well-maintained city whose transportation and other infrastructure keeps pace with growth. (Infrastructure and Growth)

Topics include: traffic; all types of utilities including sewer and water; maintenance systems; roads; mobility; snow removal; sidewalks; housing and all means of transportation including transit, cycling, walking and commute trip reduction.

I want to live, learn, work and play in a clean and green environment. (Clean and Green Environment)

Topics include: parks, trails, environment, open space, natural resource protection, protection of City’s natural assets, drinking water, recycling, maintenance of public spaces, climate change, "green" building practices, balance of development and open space and environmentally sound City services and facilities.

I want a sense of community and connection with others. (Community Building)

Topics include: community identity, civic pride, desire for a ‘small town feel,’ communications, getting to know others, diversity, connections to social and human services, recreation programming for all ages, school and City partnerships, events and arts programs and activities, beautification & aesthetics, family friendliness, architecture and city design and quality of neighborhoods.

I want to be safe where I live, learn, work and play. (Safe City)

Topics include: police, fire, emergency services, emergency preparedness, lighting, school safety, building safety and traffic/pedestrian safety.

I want a diverse and vibrant range of businesses and services in Redmond. (Business Vitality)

Topics include: economy, jobs, economic vitality, tourism, supportive business environment, downtown, diversity of businesses and services, neighborhood services, business retention and recruitment and adequate parking.

I want a city government that is responsible and responsive to its residents and businesses. (Responsible Government)

Topics include: property taxes, budget and fiscal responsibility, participation in regional solutions, customer service, responsiveness, accountability, open and transparent government, information sharing and providing a means for valued resident and business input.