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Development Services Fire Plan Review and Inspections

The Fire Prevention Division provides permitting, plan review and inspection services to ensure that buildings are safe for the citizens of Redmond. New Construction and Tenant Improvement Inspections cover permitted construction work including:

  • Automatic Fire Alarm Systems
  • Building (Fire and Life Safety Codes)
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems (Including Hood & Duct systems and FM 200 type systems)

In order to provide rapid response to emergencies, the Fire Prevention Division is also involved in the planning and civil review as it relates to the following areas:

  • Emergency Vehicle Access Roadway Requirements
  • Fire Hydrants and Water Supply
  • Addressing and Street-Naming Convention
If you have questions regarding the plan review section of New Construction and Tenant Improvement permits, please contact To request a New Construction Inspection please use our online request form. 

New Construction & Tenant Improvement Permits

Automatic Fire Alarm Systems Permits

Apply for a Standard Alarm Permit if the scope of work will include either of the following: more than 25 devices; or the installation of an STU, FACP, transmitter, remote power supply, etc. Apply for a Quick Start Alarm Permit if the scope of work fits the following requirements: Twenty five or fewer devices or repair work with up to 25 devices.

Building Permits

Redmond Fire Prevention Plan Reviewers review Building permits for fire and life safety issues. Please see the Building Construction page for more information on Building Permits.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Permits

You may apply for a Quick Start Sprinkler Permit if the scope of work is for 20 or fewer heads and the modification to the existing system does not change the hydraulic calculations and is not located in the most remote area. If the scope of work does not fit these criteria, you will need to apply for a standard permit.

Fire Extinguishing Systems Permit

Fire Extinguishing Systems Permits are typically used for Hood & Duct Suppression Systems as well as FM 200 type systems. 

Rapid Response Assurance ReviewLine

Emergency Vehicle Access Roadway RequirementsLine

The Fire Prevention Division provides guidelines for emergency vehicle access which will provide emergency firefighting, physical and health hazard response, certain systems responses, and emergency medical response to building and commercial residential facilities under all circumstances.

Fire Hydrants and Water Supply

Hydrants must be capable of providing sufficient fire flow to meet the required flow of the project as calculated by the Fire Prevention Division. 

Addressing & Street-Naming Convention

Approved address numbers and street names are essential for rapid emergency response.  

International Fire Code Permits

An Operational permit is required to maintain, store, use or handle materials, or to conduct processes which produce conditions hazardous to life or property. For a list of required operations permits see IFC Operations Permits. Attached are copies of IFC Single Use Permit Application and IFC Annual Permit Application.

A Fire Installation Permit is required to install or modify systems or equipment for processes which produce conditions hazardous to life or property. For a list of required installation permits see IFC Installation Permits. Please contact the International Code Council (ICC) to purchase a copy of the International Fire Code (IFC). Fire Code permit fees can be found in the City of Redmond Fire Department User Fee Schedule.

Fire Protection System Confidence Testing

The Redmond Fire Department requires a contractor performing confidence inspections to forward test results/reports to the Redmond Fire Prevention Division. Fire protection systems and equipment are required to be maintained in good working condition at all times. Confidence tests on these systems ensure that they are functioning properly. Inspections will be generated to ensure that deficiencies noted on the confidence test reports are repaired. If you have questions about your fire protection systems or a confidence test that was performed on your system contact us at

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