Redmond Hearing Examiner

August 7, 2017, 7 p.m., Council Chambers


Conditional Use Permit and Site Plan Entitlement
File Nos. LAND-2016-01328 and SEPA-2017-00237

Notice of Public Hearing

170 foot monopole and associated equipment to provide emergency radio communications to reach and coordinate with emergency responders

Location: 10365 172nd Avenue NE

Exhibit 1 - City of Redmond Technical Committee Report
Attachment 1: Vicinity Map
Attachment 2: Notice of Application and Certificate of Posting
Attachment 3: Notice of Application Public Comment Letter
Attachment 4: SEPA DNS Certificate of Posting
Attachment 5: SEPA Public Comment Letter
Attachment 6: Notice of Public Hearing and Certificate of Posting
Attachment 7: SEPA Environmental Checklist
Attachment 8: Community Outreach Plan
Attachment 9: PSERN Letter and Survey
Attachment 10: Applicant Response to Survey Feedback
Attachment 11: Neighborhood Meeting Notice
Attachment 12: Plan Set
Attachment 13: Tree Exception Letter
Attachment 14: Critical Areas Report
Attachment 15: Stormwater Report
Attachment 16: Site Justification Letter
Attachment 17: NIER Report
Attachment 18: Completeness Letter
Attachment 19: General Application Form
Exhibit 2 - PowerPoint Presentation (City)
Exhibit 3 - Condition Removal Request (City)
Exhibit 4 - Project Description (Applicant)
Exhibit 5 - FAA Determination of No Hazards to Air Navigation (Applicant)
Exhibit 6 - Landscape Report (Applicant)
Exhibit 7 - Acoustical Report (Applicant)
Exhibit 8 - Visual Risk Assessment (Applicant)
Exhibit 9 - Photo Simulations (Applicant)
Exhibit 10 - Market Study (Applicant)
Exhibit 11 - Paint Sample (Applicant)