Recovered Property...

Posted 7/14/17

After working diligently from March to June 2017, Redmond Detectives were able to disrupt a stolen property operation stretching from Redmond all the way to Snohomish County. Hundreds of hours of investigation culminated in the filing of charges against one suspect for multiple auto thefts – including a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria stolen from Stanwood, a 2004 Ford Superduty Truck stolen from Boeing in Everett, and a 2001 Ford Duty Truck stolen from the Everett Marina. The suspect may also be charged in relation to a fourth stolen vehicle - a Dodge Charger taken from Yakima, as seen in the photo.

Tyler W. Richardson, 27; of Kirkland is currently in custody awaiting trial. Richardson was found to be in possession of multiple stolen credit cards, stolen identification, Heroin, a 9mm handgun with hollow-point bullets and a .357 Revolver. Redmond Police filed multiple counts of possession of heroin, multiple counts of unlawful possession of a firearm, and multiple counts of motor vehicle theft against Richardson.

Our plain clothes [ProAct] detective unit works diligently not just to help keep those who live, play and work in Redmond safe, but our greater region as well. We hope this successful case reminds thieves not just of our commitment to thorough investigations and professional police work, but also our commitment to keeping our residents informed and engaged in their own safety as well.