Apartment Burglaries

Posted 7/7/17

Redmond Police Seeing Increase in Apartment Burglaries

Along with other agencies in King County, the Redmond Police Department is seeing a rash of apartment burglaries. In Redmond alone we’ve had 19 reported burglaries in multi-family housing this year that appear to be related. Most have been in the Overlake area, with some in downtown Redmond.

Usually thieves use unlocked doors and windows to get inside, but this latest series has involved suspects using tools and force to defeat deadbolts and other locks.
Redmond Police, as well as other eastside agencies, are doing our best to try to track down the thieves. Many of these recent break-ins occurred in the middle of the day when residents are away. Even though the damage to the doors has been significant, Police have yet to find any eyewitnesses. The majority of the victims had cash and gold jewelry taken – the thieves have even bypassed expensive electronics items.

Knowledge is a vital part of crime prevention, so that’s why we’re trying to get the info out. Make your home unattractive to thieves and secure your valuables. Most importantly, get to know your neighbors! Report suspicious persons who seem to be lingering in the area or spending a lot of time and making noise at your neighbor’s door. We always encourage people to answer their door as well – acknowledge verbally that you are home and ask who is there before opening up your home.

Redmond Police know through several successful investigations that our residents are our first line of defense; we have solved multiple crime series like this based on residents calling 911 to report suspicious activity. A clothing description or a license plate – if they can be safely obtained, can help us crack cases.

Officers and Detectives from around the area are working together to share information and identify the person or persons responsible for this crime series. The method of crimes suggest the thieves are looking for cash and jewelry items over any possible confrontation with the residents. Redmond Officers are asking that anyone who may have information about these crimes call the Police. Our non-emergency line is 425-556-2500 and never hesitate to call 911 if reporting suspicious activity or if you need an officer to come right to your location.