Proposed Projects

There are five main areas of focus in this Restoration Plan:
  1. Flow Control - Slow down stormwater flows to protect the stream.
  2. Water Quality Treatment - Clean up stormwater runoff for cleaner water in the stream.
  3. Low Impact Development Infiltration - Soak stormwater into the ground.
  4. In-stream Work - Repair damaged sections of the stream and add plants.
  5. Stormwater Infrastructure Repairs - Repair or replace failing pipes.

Projects described in the Tosh Creek Restoration Plan from each of these focus areas formed a proposed capital improvement program that laid out a sequence of projects tailored to the prioritized needs that were identified for the Tosh Creek watershed.

The highest priority projects in Tosh Creek’s watershed address flooding, property damage, and erosion of the most damaged reach of the stream, “Tributary B”. The plan identified a series of six projects as the first steps toward restoring the stream:

TC Map