Alternatives Evaluation

Tosh Creek Watershed Restoration Projects

Selection of projects for design and construction of the Tosh Creek Watershed Restoration projects began by prioritizing the City’s streams for restoration. The next phase was to study the highest priority streams to find the problems faced by the stream. With an understanding of the stream’s problems, alternative projects were identified that could solve those problems and those alternatives were evaluated and ultimately selected for design.

The 2014 project alternatives analysis is documented in the Tosh Creek Watershed Restoration Plan. Since then, additional alternatives have been analyzed to reduce stormwater flowing into Tosh Creek's Tributary B. 

Tributary B Restoration Project

Design work has been paused for several months to work with the community to further evaluate project alternatives for improved water quality and erosion control for Tosh Creek’s Tributary B. The City is gathering input from the community as they evaluate potential projects and work to make a final recommendation.

Public Meeting 1: Brainstorm

On September 14, the City began a process with community stakeholders to evaluate feasible project alternatives.

At Public Meeting 1 the City discussed the following topics with community stakeholders:
  • The City's vision for watershed management
  • The importance of Tributary B to the Tosh Creek Watershed
  • The evaluation process the City is using to analyze and narrow feasible project alternatives
To view the City's PowerPoint presentation click here.

Public Meeting 2: In-Depth Analysis

At the second public meeting on September 28, the City continued their conversation with community stakeholders by reviewing the evaluation factors used to analyze feasible project alternatives and discussing each of the project alternatives in small groups and how they compare based on the City’s evaluation factors.

To view the City’s PowerPoint presentation click here.

The City is continuing to work with community stakeholders to make a final recommendation. For more information on the alternatives the City is currently considering please click here.

To learn more about the City’s evaluation process to select a project for controlling stormwater in Tosh Creek’s Tributary B you can visit