Utility Billing Online Payment
If this is the first time you’re viewing this system, please note the following:

Online and/or emailed bills display information differently than the paper bills we mail. The primary differences are:

  • Fixed and consumption charges for Redmond Wastewater and King County Wastewater Treatment fees are broken out separately rather than combined into one amount;
  • When accounts have multiple meters of varying sizes, the fixed and consumption charges for each size of meter will be combined.

Register/Login for Online Payment

If you prefer to continue to receive information in the old format you may choose to receive both email and paper statements.

To sign up for electronic bills go to My Profile and register in the “Your Accounts” section.

If you would like your bill automatically deducted from your credit card, follow the "Auto Pay Your Bill Go" button on the Dashboard

If you are currently using the auto debit program through your checking or savings account, you will need to contact Utility Billing in writing if you wish to stop that payment option.

If you opt out of paper statements and your account becomes past due, you will receive the past due reminders in a paper statement mailed to you. Past due notices are not sent via email.