NE 116th Street Improvements

Vicinity Map

Location: NE 116th Street between 169th Avenue NE and 174th Avenue NE

Project Phase: Construction complete

Contact: Dennis Brunelle, 425-556-2723

The NE 116th Street Improvement project completed corridor improvements between 167th Avenue NE and 174th Avenue NE.

Road improvements included:

  • Sidewalks and bike lanes on both sides of the street
  • A soft trail on the north side of the street
  • Two travel lanes and a center turn lane
  • Signalized pedestrian crossing west of 169th Court NE
  • A roundabout at the intersection of NE 116th Street and
    172nd Avenue NE
  • Landscaping and irrigation on both sides of the street,
    in the medians, and roundabout

This project included upgrading and constructing a new storm drain system and detention pond as well as relocating and upgrading existing underground utilities, water, sewer and gas mains. In addition to the road improvements, all overhead power and communication lines were converted to underground.

NE 116th Roundabout