Zoning Code Amendment

What Is It?

Zoning code regulations are based on Comprehensive Plan policy, and some zoning code provisions cannot be changed without first amending the Comprehensive Plan.   Under state law Redmond may update its Comprehensive Plan once per year. As the first step in this process, once a year in the Spring the City invites people to submit applications for proposed changes to the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code that should be considered.   The Redmond Planning Commission and then the City Council will review and confirm the list of amendments to be considered over the course of the year. The purpose of establishing this list (known as the annual Comprehensive Plan Docket) is to coordinate proposed changes and to help the community track progress via the City web site.

The City will accept applications for proposed amendments to the Zoning Code that are consistent with the Comprehensive Plan throughout the year. 

Any individual, organization, business, or other group may propose an amendment. Special application requirements (RZC 21.76.070 AF.4) may apply to proposed rezones such as, a Signature Document showing the proposed rezone with signatures of support from owners representing at least 75% of the subject area and signatures representing at least 75% of the owners of property in the subject area if the area proposed for rezone contains two or more of the following and is not proposed concurrently with enabling Comprehensive Plan or Zoning Code amendments:

  • Up to 5 property owner,
  • a small portion of a zone or planning area
  • only land area with related physical characteristics

 The purpose of staff consultation is to:        

  • Review the proposal
  • Answer questions
  • Preliminarily identify extent to which proposal is consistent with Comprehensive Plan vision, goals and policies
  • Ensure application completeness

How Much Does It Cost?

Applications for Zoning Code amendments that are submitted during the annual application period for Comprehensive Plan updates do not require application fees, including SEPA application fees. Applications for proposed amendments of the Zoning Code submitted at other times of the year do require fees. Application fees for Zoning Code amendments are flat fees and are established within the Development Review Fee Schedule.

Development Review Permit Fees or the Permit Fee index

How Long Does It Take?

The review process depends on several factors, including the:

  • Planning Commission or Hearing Examiner schedule       
  • Complexity of the proposal
  • Quality of plans and project documentation  

Application Steps

1.  Research
Find your property information.  
Research your site to help you plan your project. Use our Property Viewer Interactive Map to find zoning and critical areas information.


Determine restrictions to your project.  Research the Redmond Zoning Code to determine standards that will apply to your proposal.

2.  Consult with Planning Staff as described above.

3.  Prepare the application  
You will need to provide all information noted in the applicable submittal checklist.

Zoning Code Amendment Submittal Requirements Checklist 

Associated plans and technical documents must be electronic and in accordance with the requirements specified within the submittal requirement checklist.

4.  Submit application
Schedule an intake appointment. Call 425-556-2494 to schedule an intake appointment at the Development Services Center. Application submittals are only accepted on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Application fees, if applicable, are due at application submittal.


5. For amendments to the Zoning Code Map only - Wait for public notice.
We will issue a public notice for your project as required by RZC 21.76.080. You are responsible for installing a yellow public notice board. Additionally, a large white public notice board is also required for the Public Hearing. The City will work with you to determine when and where the signs need to be installed. We’ll consider all public comments during the 21 day public comment period.

Yellow Public Notice Board Instructions
Large White Notice Board Instructions

6.  Attend the public hearing.
Depending on the type of amendment, either Redmond’s Planning Commission or Hearing Examiner will hold a public hearing and then issue a recommendation to the City Council. The City Council will vote on proposed amendment based on the information provided.

7.  Read the City decision.
We will publish the decision on your project on our Land Use Action Notice webpage.  Additionally, the decision will be mailed to you and any parties of record.

If you or a member of the public disagrees with the decision, you may file an appeal with King County Superior Court or Growth Management Hearings Board, as applicable.