Water Meter

What Is It?

All connections to the City of Redmond water system require an approved Water Meter Permit for water meter installation. Applications for this permit are made through the Development Services Center.

Single-family, multifamily, commercial, or industrial structures and multifamily, or industrial irrigation uses must be served by at least one water meter to determine consumption. Some structures, such as single-family accessory dwelling units, restrooms or accessory facilities in public parks, individual mobile home units, and portable classrooms at school facilities do not require individual metering.

Meters required
A. Each separate structure or use shall be served through at least one water meter to determine the water consumption.

The following structures or uses do not need to be separately metered but may be combined with other metered structures or uses as described.
  1. Accessory buildings associated with single-family dwelling units, including garages, greenhouses, cabanas, workshops and similar structures not used for sleeping, cooking or other residence-specific functions may be combined with the associated single-family structure.
  2. Individual mobile homes in a mobile home park may be combined except that not more than twenty (20) units shall be served by a single meter.
  3. Restroom and accessory facilities serving a public park may be combined with other metered uses.
  4. "Portable" classroom buildings at a school may be combined as a single metered use but shall be separately metered from other primary structures.
B. Landscape irrigation systems shall be separately metered, except those installed at a single-family residence, or those installed at other use classifications where the use is served through a water meter less than one inch in size. At the option of the owner, the meter may be city owned or it may be a customer owned exempt meter.

C. Service to the residential units of a mixed use structure shall be served through a separate meter if there are more than two residential units.

Exempt meters
Privately owned meters which are proposed to be installed downstream of a City-owned meter to measure water which is not subject to sewer charges shall be purchased from the City. The location of the privately owned meter shall be approved by the City and the materials used for the meter assembly shall be approved by the City. The charge for the city to provide and install the meter device shall be the same as the installation charge for drop-in meters of the same size.

Fire sprinkler system connections
A. Single-family residential systems. Fire sprinkler systems for single-family residential structures shall be metered. The fire sprinkler system is to be combined with the domestic water service to the dwelling.

B. Other systems. Fire sprinkler systems for structures other than single-family residential structures shall not be separately metered. Such systems shall be connected to the city water system pursuant to construction drawings approved by the Utility Division of the Public Works Department and all connections shall be made pursuant to the applicable inspection and installation procedures set forth in the Uniform Fire Code.

What determines the actual meter size for fire supply?
The required size for a dual purpose (domestic and fire sprinkler) meter is dependent upon evaluation of both the fire sprinkler system and the domestic supply demand. The Redmond Fire Department provides the oversight and review of residential fire sprinkler systems. A licensed fire sprinkler designer must design the system to meet the water demand for its required fire sprinkler system. 
How do I terminate the water meter?
Termination permits for water are issued in conjunction with the demolition building permits or after demolition building permit has been issued.

Contact the Development Engineering Division at 425-556-2876 or email developmentengineering@redmond.gov for more information.

How long does it take to issue the permit?
How long it takes us to complete our review of your permit depends on the scope of work.

Upon receipt of the completed applications, the permit(s) can be issued within five to seven business days based on the scope of work.

You will be contacted when your is ready to issue.

How much does the permit cost?
Water Meter Connection Fees can be found on the City's webpage Permit Fee Index

The cost of an in-City water meter permit includes a general connection charge, Cascade Water Alliance (CWA) and the installation type.

Water service modifications
A charge shall be paid by all persons requesting a modification to their water service including adjustments of height, relocation, abandonment or other modifications. The charge shall be set by the City Engineer or designated representative in an amount to cover the City’s full cost for constructing such modification.

When are the permit connection fees due?
Fees are due at Permit Issuance.

Steps to get your Permit:

1. Start the Permit Application
The water meter permit application is made through the Development Services Center of the Planning Department located on the 2nd Floor of City Hall at 15670 NE 85th Street.

Fill out a Water Meter Application, with complete information relevant to the property and use, including address, owner, billing information, installation requirements, and property owner signature are submitted to the Development Services Center.

2. Submit application 
Electronic applications can be emailed to  DevelopmentEngineering@redmond.gov,

Or send to:
Redmond City Hall
Development Engineering Division, MS: 2SPL
15670 NE 85th Street
PO Box 97010
Redmond, WA 98073

3. Pay fees
You will need to pay all outstanding fees to pick up your permit. 
4. Schedule meter meter installation
To schedule installation of your water meter call the Water Department 7-10 working days in advance at 425-556-2846.
Permit applications:
Water Meter Application
Water Meter Termination Application

Related permits
You may need to get additional permits or approvals from other departments.

Demolition Permit
Side Sewer Permit
Site Construction Permit

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