What Is It?

Cooperation between cities is important to provide for efficient service delivery and to prevent wasteful duplication of services and public facilities. The City of Redmond works with other jurisdictions to plan for land uses and infrastructure in areas surrounding the City. Conversely, King County and adjacent cities’ plans, regulations, and development affect Redmond.

Maintaining a view of this larger context enables Redmond to relate plans within the city limits to broader regional policies and issues. Annexation policies will enable Redmond to accommodate future growth while protecting rural and agricultural areas that lie outside the Urban Growth Area.

The King County Countywide Planning Policies require cities to designate Potential Annexation Areas (PAAs) in collaboration with King County and adjacent cities, and in consultation with the residents and property owners in the affected areas. This has been accomplished and no major revision is expected in the near future. Redmond's potential areas for annexation have been pre-zoned to ease the annexation process and ensure neighborhoods are incorporated seamlessly. Calling out areas that can annex into Redmond allows Redmond to add growth in a logical manner. Also, it enables Redmond to ensure residences are provided with a full range of quality urban services.

Your project may require State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review if the project is within or near critical areas (i.e. streams, wetlands, steep slopes, critical aquifer recharge area) or exceeds the SEPA categorical exemptions specified in RZC 21.70.

We've compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions that you can read.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is no fee for an application for annexation. SEPA application fees may apply and can be found on the Fee Schedule A-Z page within the fee schedule noted below.

Development Review Permit Fees or the Permit Fee index

Apply for an application     

Get an application number by submitting your application to the Development Services Center. You will need to provide all information noted in the applicable submittal checklist.

Annexation Submittal Requirements Checklist - To complete the Annexation Application, you will need the following documents:

Annexation Submittal Checklist

General Application
Project Contact Form
Letter of Intent

Please contact Janet Lee, Long Range Planning, to discuss any additional questions or concerns you may have about the submittal requirements checklist and the annexation application process.

Review Process. To learn more about the Annexation review process, please contact the Planner on Call at 425-556-2494 or via email at