Redmond Central Connector Parking lot reopens with ‘Sky Painting’ artwork
June 10, 2014 Anne Marie Peacock

Redmond, WA -
 The parking lot adjacent to the new Redmond Central Connector reopened at 9am, Wednesday, June 4 with the newest public artwork titled ‘Sky Painting’ by John Fleming. The entrance to the parking lot is located off of Bear Creek Pkwy near Leary Ave. NE.

Since 1991, The City of Redmond has made public art a priority by ordinance. This commitment was strengthened by the Arts and Cultural Commission Strategic Plan adopted in 2009, and again through the Downtown Cultural Corridor Master Plan adopted in 2013. The City sets aside 1% of funding for major construction projects to include art in public places. As part of the City’s vision for the Redmond Central Connector, ‘Sky Painting’ is bold, achieving the goal of incorporating iconic, interactive artwork that adds aesthetic appeal to an exciting new entry to Downtown.

‘SKY PAINTING’ is a temporary artwork that rolls out the welcome mat to Downtown residents and visitors to create a vibrant urban Downtown, including artists,” said Craig Larsen, parks and recreation director. “What makes ‘Sky Painting’ so exciting is that it changes a parking lot into an artistic vision."

John Fleming is a gifted artist who combines history, art, architecture, and conceptual - environmental materials and ideas into public art projects. Fleming’s Redmond Connector projects are inspired by mixed and recycled materials reaching back to Redmond’s early history and incorporating contemporary elements. For the ‘Sky Painting’ he was particularly inspired by the grove of trees that were left standing at the entrance to the parking lot. Sizable 10-foot rings in blue and yellow radiate from the largest trees saved. This is the last of three art installations by Fleming that explore nature, history and the environment in the award winning Redmond Central Connector and includes the ‘Erratic’, ‘Signals’, and ‘Sky Painting’ as three new major installations.

For more information contact Joshua Heim, Arts Administrator, at 425-556-2316 or