Maintenance Report Card
Maintenance Report Card
City role: significant
Three measures: the average Pavement Condition Index (PCI) for arterial lane mileage within the Redmond city limits, the number of water main breaks, and the number of sewer overflows.

The PCI for Redmond's streets was 75 in 2013. PCI is a standardized 0 – 100 scale that indicates the overall condition of a given section of pavement. Pavements scoring a PCI value of 70 or above are considered to be in adequate condition. At an average PCI of 70, roadways can be maintained at minimal lifetime cost while ensuring an adequately smooth surface.

The number of water main breaks remained at 3 in 2014. The number of sewer overflows fell to 1 in 2014 compared to 2 in 2013. Water main breaks and sewer overflows are suggestive of the state of Redmond's water and sewer infrastructure.  The number of breaks and overflows have each remained below 5 since 2011.

Source: Public Works Department

Updated March 2015

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Jeff Churchill

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