Community Engagement
Community Engagement 
City role: significant 
Three measures: percentage of survey respondents feeling very or somewhat satisfied with their engagement in community events, programs and volunteer opportunities; percentage of survey respondents rating information about community events, programs and volunteer opportunities as excellent or good; and number of participants in neighborhood planning meetings and events, such as committee meetings, open houses, and public forums.

Community engagement. Redmond’s annual community survey asked about respondents’ “overall sense of connection to the community” for the first time. Those reporting they felt very or somewhat connected totaled 77 percent. In previous years the survey asked about citizen level of engagement in and satisfaction regarding information about events, programs and volunteer opportunities. In 2015, 76 percent of respondents reported that they felt very satisfied or satisfied with engagement in community events, programs, and volunteer opportunities. Also in 2015, 63 percent believed information provided about events, programs, or volunteer opportunities was excellent or good, down from 68 percent in 2013.

Participation in neighborhood planning. In 2012 the City broadened this measure to track in-person participation as well as other participation, such as through completing surveys or visiting neighborhood webpages. Therefore, the baseline year has been reset to 2012, when 9,449 connections were made. In 2015, 16,598 connections were made including connections via the web and social media, and through Old Town Historic Core, Overlake Village, and Marymoor Subarea planning efforts. Participation can fluctuate significantly from year to year.

Source: Planning Department

Updated April 2016

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Jae Hill 

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