Diverse & Connected Community
Goal: Cultivate a well-connected community, working together and with others in the region to implement a common vision for Redmond’s sustainable future.

Community priority: I want a sense of community and connection with others.

Human Services
. Every dollar the City of Redmond invests in human services is leveraged more than five times over by service providers. In 2015, 100 percent of service providers met contracted outcome goals.

Electronic Media. There were about 1.4 million page views on Redmond.gov during 2015 compared to 1.8 million in 2014. The City continues to engage the community through print, other electronic, and social media.

Annexation. The City annexed 11.8 acres in early 2016. There are about 562 acres remaining to be annexed.

Engagement. In 2016, 77 percent of Redmond’s citizen survey respondents felt very satisfied or satisfied with their sense of connection to the community. In 2015, 16,598 connections were made including connections via the web and social media, and through Old Town Historic Core, Overlake Village, and Marymoor Subarea planning efforts.

Condition: GreenCircle = good, YellowCircle = fair, RedCircle = poor. Trend: UpArrow= improving, RightArrow =maintaining, DownArrow = worsening.

Observation Objective Condition 6-year Trend*
Community engagement    
Percent who report they are very or somewhat satisfied with their overall sense of connection to the community 77%
70% GreenCircle N/A
Percent who believe city government does an excellent or good job keeping residents informed of City issues and decisions 66%
YellowCircle DownArrow
Participation in neighborhood planning (meetings, events, web visits, etc.)  16,598 (2015) N/A GreenCircle UpArrow
Percent who are very satisfied or satisfied with community events and volunteer opportunities 76%
GreenCircle UpArrow
Neighborhood matching grants
(number of grants awarded)
N/A GreenCircle RightArrow
Online permits
(number issued online as percent of total available to be issued online)
N/A GreenCircle UpArrow
(acres remaining in potential annexation area)
N/A GreenCircle RightArrow
Website views (millions) 1.7
N/A GreenCircle DownArrow
Human services    
Percent of agency partners achieving outcome goals 87%
90% GreenCircle RightArrow
Dollars leveraged per City dollar invested $5.02
$5.30 GreenCircle UpArrow
* Where six years of data are available.

Janet Lee

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