Centers Employment
Centers Employment
City role: indirect
 Number of jobs located in Redmond’s Downtown and Overlake urban centers.

In 2010, Microsoft Corporation changed the way that it reports the location of employees in the central Puget Sound region. Microsoft also made a change in 2011 that specifically impacts employment counts in the Overlake urban center. Therefore, employment estimates prior to 2011 are not comparable to estimates from 2011 forward. Thus, the baseline year has been reset to 2011.

Downtown employment decreased slightly and Overlake employment increased slightly from 2013 to 2014. Job numbers for the entire Overlake neighborhood, a larger area than the urban center, are not yet available for 2014.

Employment in Redmond's urban centers accounts for 43 percent of total citywide employment – a slight decrease since 2013.

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Source: Puget Sound Regional Council

Updated October 2015

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Jeff Churchill

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