Growth in Centers
Growth Located in Centers
City role: significant
Ratio of proportion of dwellings and commercial floor area permitted in centers to amount expected given growth allocation forecasts.

Residential. Downtown saw 120 new residences permitted in 2014, a decrease from 2013. Thirty-seven new residences were permitted in 2014 in the Overlake urban center, which represent the first set of permits for Esterra Park, which will continue obtaining permits in 2015. The City expects to accommodate about 8,800 new homes in the Downtown and Overlake urban centers between 2010 and 2030; about 12,500 are expected to be accommodated over the same period citywide.

Commercial. During 2014, Redmond issued permits for about 143,000 square feet of new commercial space; about two percent is in the Downtown urban center and about 40 percent is in the Overlake urban center. Redmond remains on target to accommodate 11.2 million square feet of commercial floor area between 2010 and 2030.

Source: Planning Department

Updated January 2015

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Jeff Churchill

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