Housing Trust Fund
Housing Trust Fund
City role: significant
 Two measures: City’s biennial contribution to the Housing Trust Fund; number of units constructed on the Eastside with Housing Trust Fund dollars from Redmond.

HTF contribution. The City of Redmond has contributed $300,000 per biennium to the A Regional Coalition for Housing (ARCH) Housing Trust Fund each biennium since 2003-04 (except 2007-08, when it contributed $200,000). Redmond’s funds are pooled with other Eastside cities’ funds, and then leveraged with state, federal, and private funds to construct affordable homes on the Eastside.

HTF outcomes. According to ARCH, as of 2014, there were at least 644 affordable homes in Redmond funded with HTF dollars. Redmond has been contributing toward affordable housing on the Eastside since 1993. In total, Redmond and other Eastside cities have contributed over $44 million to the HTF, resulting in 3,033 new housing units on the Eastside.

Sources: Planning Department, A Regional Coalition for Housing

Updated January 2015

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Jeff Churchill

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