Housing Choice
Housing Choice:
City role: indirect
Three measures: number of single-family homes permitted by unit size; total number of housing units; number of housing units permitted that are cottages, accessory dwellings, size-limited, senior, or mixed-use.

Single-family home size. The median new single-family home (attached and detached) in Redmond measured 2,845 square feet in 2015, a decrease of 349 square feet from 2014. The percentage of single-family homes less than 2,500 square feet shown below is inclusive of attached housing types. The highest number of permits issued was for single-family homes between 2,500-2,999 square feet. The Redmond community values variety in home type and size. The City undertakes initiatives consistent with that goal, such as allowing cottage homes and attached single-family homes through the neighborhood planning process.

Single-Family Home Size
Single-Family Home Size

Housing supply. The total housing supply in Redmond grew by 147 single-family homes and 435 multi-family homes in 2015 to 26,141 homes. The total has increased by 5,893 homes since 2000.

Innovative housing types. There were 556 homes permitted in innovative categories (cottages, size-limited homes, single-family attached housing, mixed-use, etc.) in 2015. Of these, one was an accessory dwelling, 48 were attached single-family homes, 74 were for senior and 445 were part of mixed-use developments in Overlake Village.

Source: Planning Department

Updated April 2016

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