Water Consumption
Water Consumption
City role: Significant 
Millions of cubic feet per year; "year" is second year in three-year period (e.g., 2005 is average of 2004-06). 

Water usage fluctuates each year depending on weather, price, and business and residential growth. Since 2001, the three-year rolling average of annual water consumption by City customers (not customers in the Novelty Hill Urban Planned Developments) has ranged from 263.9 million to 299.6 million cubic feet. Redmond exceeded its conservation goal for 2007-2013.  The new goal set by Cascade Water Alliance is a 1.72 percent total reduction from 2014 to 2019.  That amounts to a total reduction goal of 4.65 million cubic feet of water by 2019.

Because 2014 total water consumption data is not yet available, the 3-year rolling average for 2013 cannot yet be determined. However, total consumption in 2013 slightly decreased from 2012, continuing the overall trend.

Estimated Per Capita Water Consumption (City Customers)Estimated per Capita Water Consumption

Sources: Utility Billing for consumption figures; Washington State Office of Financial Management for estimated residential populations; Puget Sound Regional council for estimated employment.

Updated March 2014

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