Commerce / Vibrant Economy
Goal: Maintain a strong and diverse economy, and provide a business climate that retains and attracts locally owned companies as well as internationally recognized corporations.

Community priority: I want a diverse and vibrant range of businesses and services in Redmond.

Businesses Licenses
. There are 5,908 businesses licensed to operate in Redmond—a new high for the eleventh consecutive year. Of those, 935 are newly licensed businesses while 1,465 have held a Redmond business license for at least seven years.

Population and Employment. Redmond's population grew to 59,180 in 2015; employment rose to 84,547 in Redmond in 2014 (latest available).

Income and Poverty. Redmond median household income increased slightly to $98,958 (inflation adjusted). Child poverty stood at 6.19 percent in the Lake Washington School District (2013), roughly the same as the 2012 figure of 6.17 percent.

Condition: GreenCircle = good, YellowCircle = fair, RedCircle = poor. Trend: UpArrow= improving, RightArrow =maintaining, DownArrow = worsening.

Observed Condition Objective 6-year Trend*
Income and Poverty  
Redmond median household income (inflation-adjusted) $98,958
GreenCircle N/A UpArrow
Sales and property tax receipts (millions, inflation-adjusted)  $37.1
GreenCircle N/A UpArrow
Lake Washington School District child  poverty rate 6.2%
GreenCircle N/A DownArrow
(worsening: more poverty)
Licensed businesses      
Number of licensed businesses 5,908
GreenCircle             N/A UpArrow
Number of Redmond businesses with license for seven or more years 1,465
GreenCircle   N/A UpArrow
New businesses licensed 935
GreenCircle N/A DownArrow
Population and employment        
Population  59,180
GreenCircle 78,000
Employment 84,547
YellowCircle 119,000
Share of Regional Employment (percentage of jobs in the four-county region - King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Kitsap - located in Redmond 4.61%
GreenCircle 3.83%
Satisfaction with type and variety of restaurants, shops, and services (percent responding very or somewhat satisfied) 81%
  N/A N/A
* Where six years of data are available.

Jeff Churchill

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