Conserve / Clean and Green
Goal: Conserve agricultural lands and rural areas, protect and enhance the quality of the natural environment, and sustain Redmond's natural resources as the City continues to accommodate growth and development.

Community Priority: I want to live, learn, work and play in a clean and green environment.

Resource Consumption
. The amount of waste per single-family customer per week remained steady at 53 lbs per single-family customer per week in 2015. The recycling rate among single-family customers remained at 64 percent. Average water consumption over the past three years increased to 281 million cubic feet; per capita use rose about one gallon per person per day.

Streams. Of the stream core sample sites, 6 of 8 have water quality index scores greater than 40; streams with scores between 40 and 79 are considered "marginal." The average BIBI score ("bug index" scores) for 12 sample sites was 22 for the 2014-15 water year, increased from 21 the year before. The City's goal is to reach an average of 23 by 2016. A score of 35 is the minimum necessary to support native habitat.

Parks and Open Space. In the 2016 citizen survey, 93 percent of survey respondents reported being very satisfied or satisfied with the quality of Redmond's parks, trail and open space system, increased from 88 percent in 2009.

Condition: GreenCircle = good, YellowCircle = fair, RedCircle = poor. Trend: UpArrow= improving, RightArrow =maintaining, DownArrow = worsening.

Observation Objective Condition 6-year Trend*
Stream health    
WQI scores greater than 40 100%
100% YellowCircle DownArrow
Average BIBI score across core sampling sites 35
YellowCircle RightArrow
Waste and recycling    
Wastestream (lbs of water per week per single family customer) 55.7 lbs
50 lbs
GreenCircle UpArrow
(improving: less waste)
Recycling rate 67.42%
GreenCircle RightArrow
Water consumption (millions of cubic feet per year) 303
YellowCircle RightArrow
Clean drinking water (percent of water quality tests meeting compliance standards)  100%
100% GreenCircle RightArrow
Tree canopy (percent of Redmond land area covered by tree foliage) 37%
TBD TBD less canopy
Greenhouse gas emissions from City operations (tons of carbon-equivalent emissions) 9,794
YellowCircle DownArrow
(worsening: more emissions)
Transfer of development rights (TDRs transacted) 3.25
 N/A GreenCircle RightArrow
Satisfaction with parks system (percent very satisfied or satisfied) 85%
GreenCircle RightArrow
Access to parks and trails (percent with park 1/4-mile or less from home or office) 30%
YellowCircle RightArrow
* Where six years of data are available.

Janet Lee 

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