Tosh Creek Basin Restoration Plan

Project Background

In December 2013, City Council adopted the Redmond Watershed Management Plan which evaluates and prioritizes Redmond's watershed basins and identifies priority basins for stormwater retrofitting and habitat restoration. The plan identified Tosh Creek as a high priority basin.

As a result of this designation, the Washington State Department of Ecology is partnering with Redmond to fund development of the Tosh Creek Stormwater Facilities Plan.

Purpose of the Project

The goal of this plan is to quickly and efficiently restore Tosh Creek’s hydrology, water quality, and habitat while also improving the stormwater infrastructure. This is an ambitious and ground-breaking task.
Tosh Creek
The project team is working now to characterize the needs of the stream so that projects can be identified. The team is evaluating the soils, flows, water quality, slopes, and other characteristics of the neighborhood to identify what types of projects can be built and where the optimal location for those projects will be.

Community Benefits

The Tosh Creek Basin Restoration Plan will identify a number of preferred projects that will help Redmond plan for stormwater retrofit projects over the next couple of years. These projects will help improve your neighborhood and bring salmon and other wildlife back to the creek. The City's goal is to create a healthy ecosystem that you and your kids can enjoy for the foreseeable future. 
If you know of any flooding, erosion, or other drainage problems in and around Tosh Creek (see Vicinity Map), let us know. This kind of information can influence the types and locations of future projects. Call, email, or complete the Report a Stormwater/Drainage Concern Form to report your drainage concerns.

We will also be contacting Tosh Creek neighbors in late winter/early spring 2014 regarding how else you can be involved.

Your input can help restore Tosh Creek to support fish and wildlife for generations to come!

How to Stay Informed

Please visit this website for the most up-to-date information on the project. Additional materials and project information will be posted on the site as the project develops.   

Project Data

Vicinity Map

Project Phase: Planning and Predesign

Funding Sources:  City of Redmond CIP and Washington State Department of Ecology Grant

Estimated Timeline

Analysis of Project Alternatives & Public Outreach:  Winter/Spring 2014
Project Identification:  Spring 2014
Seek Grant Funding for Projects:  Fall 2014
Design of First Year Project & Public Outreach:  Winter 2014-2015
Construction of Projects:  2015-2017

Contact: Steve Hitch, Project Manager, 425-556-2891