City Ordinances 2014
2749    09/16/2014        An Ordinance Setting the Framework and Conducting Concurrent Review of the Cumulative Effect of all Proposed Annual Amendments to the Redmond Comprehensive Plan and Related Amendments to the Redmond Zoning Code, for the 2014-15 Annual Update, Including New and Amended Narrative, Policies, Tables and Maps
2748    09/02/2014    An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 2676, as Amended by Ordinance No. 2686, 2714, 2725, 2731 and 2736 by Making Adjustments to the City’s Budget, in Exhibit 1  
2747    09/02/2014    An Ordinance Amending RMC 4.30.030, Human Services Commission, Composition, to Allow Nonresidents Who Live in Unincorporated King County on Property with a Redmond Postal Address to Serve on the Human Services Commission 
2746    08/19/2014    An Ordinance Providing for the Acquisition, Condemnation, Appropriation, and Taking of Acquisition of Various Temporary Access Rights, Permanent Easements, and Fee Interests in Real Property in Order to Construct Cleveland Street/Redmond Way Couplet Conversion Project, CIP Project No. 20020965; Providing that the Entire Cost Thereof Shall be Paid From Available Funds; and Directing the City Attorney to Prosecute the Appropriate Action and Proceedings in the Manner Provided by Law for Said Condemnation 
2745    08/19/2014    An Ordinance Amending RMC 3.10.030(D), Definitions, in Order to Define Residential Suite for Impact Fee Purposes; Amending the Transportation Impact Fee Schedule Established by RMC 3.10.100(C) in Order to Reflect the Updated August 2013 Transportation Facilities Plan, to Add Residential Suites to the List of Land Use Types, and to Reflect an Updated Travel Demand Calculator Based on the City’s 2010 Household and Employee Travel Survey; and Establishing an Immediate Effective Date 
2744    06/17/2014    An Ordinance Relating to Zoning and Business Licensing; Terminating Interim Regulations for Marijuana-related Uses and Medical Cannabis Collective Gardens; Adopting Permanent Regulations for Marijuana-related Uses and Medical Cannabis Collective Gardens By: Amending RZC 21.04.030 - Allowed Uses Chart; Amending RZC 21.08.340 to Prohibit Marijuana-related Uses as Home Businesses; Adding a New Chapter RZC 21.41 Prohibiting Medical Cannabis Collective Gardens in all Zoning Districts of the City and Establishing Restrictions on the Location of State-licensed Marijuana-related Facilities and Uses; Amending RZC 21.78 to Add New Marijuana-related Definitions and Amend Others; Amending RMC 5.04.140 Regarding Business Licenses for Marijuana Businesses; Providing for Severability, and Establishing an Effective Date 
2743    06/17/2014    An Ordinance of the City of Redmond, Washington, Providing for the Issuance of Utility System Revenue Bonds of the City in the Aggregate Principal Amount of Not-to-Exceed $26,700,000 for the Purpose of Financing Certain Costs of Additions, Betterments, and Extensions to the City’s Combined Water Supply, Wastewater, Storm and Surface Water Drainage System; Providing the Form, Terms and Covenants of the Bonds; Providing for the Disposition of the Proceeds of Sale of the Bonds; and Delegating Authority to Approve the Final Terms of the Bonds 
2742    06/17/2014    An Ordinance Amending the Redmond Comprehensive Plan to Add Previously Adopted Text to the Land Use Element Policy LU-62, Manufacturing Park Designation, Which was Erroneously Not Incorporated During the Periodic Update to the Comprehensive Plan, Providing for Severability, and Establishing an Effective Date 
2741    06/03/2014    An Ordinance Adopting a Newly-Developed Police Department Functional Plan, and Amending Redmond’s Comprehensive Plan to Incorporate the Document by Reference 
2740    06/03/2014    An Ordinance Amending Redmond Zoning Code Sections 21.76.070 (J)(2) Comprehensive Plan Map and/or Policy Amendment to Modify the Procedure to Establish the Comprehensive Plan Docket and Amending Section 21.78 Definitions to Add a Definition for Docket (or Comprehensive Plan Docket) in Order to Clarify Procedures, Encourage Increased Public Involvement, and Create a More Consistent Process Related to Docketing of Annual Comprehensive Plan Amendments 
2739    05/20/2014    An Ordinance Adopting the Technical Committee’s March 19, 2014, Recommendation to Approve the Microsoft Redwest South Parking Lot Long-Term Temporary Use Permit and Establishing an Effective Date 
2738    05/20/2014    An Ordinance Amending RMC 3.10, Sections 3.10.080(B)-(D), Fire Impact Fee Schedule, Park Impact Fee Schedule, and School Impact Fees, in Order to Index the Fire and Park Fees for 2014 and to Update the School Impact Fees for 2014; Providing for Severability and Establishing an Effective Date 
2737        04/15/2014    An Ordinance Amending RMC 15.04, Flood Management, to Enable the City to Enter the Federal Emergency Management Administrations ("FEMA") Community Rating System, Making Possible Lower Flood Insurance Premiums for the City, its Residents, and Businesses 
2736    04/01/2014    An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 2676, as Amended by Ordinance No. 2686, 2714, 2725, and 2731 by Making Adjustments to the City's Budget, In Exhibit 1 
2735    03/18/2014    An Ordinance Amending the 2014 Non-Union Pay Plan for the Year 2014; and Affirming Severability and an Effective Date 
2734    03/18/2014    An Ordinance Amending the 2014 Pay Plan for Employees Covered by the Redmond City Hall Employees Association Representing Employees in Professional, Technical and Administrative Positions 
2733    03/18/2014    An Ordinance Amending the Redmond Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code to Repeal Policy HO-33 Relating to the Innovative Housing Demonstration Program and to Improve Clarity and Consistency for Housing-Related Regulations Including Lowering Height Limits for Detached Accessory Dwelling Units and Homes Built Within a Small-Lot Short Plat and Revising Standards for Attached Dwelling Units Developed Under the Affordable Housing Exception; Providing for Severability and Establishing an Effective Date 
2732    03/18/2014    An Ordinance Approving the Final Plat of Fowler Pursuant to RCW 58.17.170 And RZC 21.74.030, City File No. L030416, L030417, and Establishing an Effective Date 
2731    03/04/2014    An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 2676, As Amended By Ordinance No. 2686, 2714 and 2725 by Making Adjustments to the City’s Budget, in Exhibit 1 
2730    03/04/2014    An Ordinance Adopting RMC 3.94, Real Property Fund, and Authorizing Expenditures from the Newly Created Fund 
2729    02/18/2014    An Ordinance Amending RMC Chapters 15.04, Flood Control; 15.08, Buildings and Construction; RMC Chapter 15.12, Electrical Code; RMC Chapter 15.14, Mechanical Code; RMC 15.16, Plumbing Code; RMC 15.18, Energy Code, To Update The City’s Building And Construction Codes To Reflect Current State Standards; and Repealing RMC Chapter 15.10, Property Maintenance Code, and RMC Chapter 15.20, Ventilation And Indoor Air Quality Code, in Their Entirety
2728    02/04/2014    An Ordinance Extending Interim Land Use Regulations and Official Controls for Marijuana-Related Uses Enacted by Ordinance No. 2682 and Extended By Ordinance No. 2702 Pursuant to RCW 35A.63.220 and RCW 36.70A.390 Until September 2, 2014; Entering Legislative Findings; Providing for Severability; and Establishing an Effective Date 

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Exh 2 
  01/07/2014    An Ordinance Approving the Final Plat of Willowmere Park PRD Pursuant to RCW 58.17.170 and RZC 21.74.030, City File No. L060228 and Establishing an Effective Date