166th Ave NE Safety Improvements

Vicinity Map

Location: 166th Ave. NE from NE 85th Street to NE 100th Street

Current Project Activities: Construction is underway.

Project Phase: Construction

Estimated Timeline: Construction is estimated to be compete spring 2015

Contact: Patty S. Criddle, 425-556-2723

166th Avenue NE has been re-striped to provide one through lane in each direction, a center turn lane with intermittent medians for traffic calming purposes, and bike lanes on both sides of the street. Additionally, the contractor has completed signal modifications on 166th Avenue NE to add a protected left turn onto westbound NE 85th Street. At NE 95th Street and NE 91st Street rectangular rapid flash beacon (RRFB) systems have been installed to provide safe pedestrian crossings. Radar feedback signs have been installed in the school zone near NE 91st Street to assist with traffic calming.


May 22nd 2014 Construction Preview

The City of Redmond hosted a Construction Preview for the 166th Ave NE Safety Improvements Project on Thursday May 22nd 2014 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at Redmond City Hall (15670 NE 85th Street).

Check the link to the postcard invite for more information.

Go to the Construction Preview page to learn about what can be seen at this meeting. 

Project Background

166 meeting sign
166th Avenue NE is a major corridor between Education Hill and Downtown Redmond.  It also provides neighborhood access to Education Hill schools and churches.  To accommodate all modes of transportation and address known safety concerns, Redmond’s Comprehensive and Transportation Master plans call for the conversion of 166 Avenue from four lanes to three.  Rechannelizing 166th Avenue NE between NE 85th and NE 100th Street will complete the conversion of the corridor.

While a conversion is the direction for 166th Avenue NE, questions still remain regarding appropriate engineering treatments for specific spots.  Key intersections include 166 Avenue NE at NE 85 Street, at NE 95 Street, and at NE 100 Street.  Safety issues that require consideration include delay to side street vehicles accessing 166 Avenue NE, sight distance deficiencies, a truck climbing lane, collisions, traffic speeds and volumes, and pedestrian crossings.