Police Calls

Police Calls

Tent City Calls for Services
The City of Redmond and the Redmond Police Department are pleased to provide the following police related call information regarding Tent City. RPD receives approximately 1,800 calls per month. In 2007, RPD received an average of 8 calls per month with most involving warrant checks, which is a requirement for any new participant checking in to Tent City.

The following information below is the list of police calls received during the 2013 Tent City encampment at St. Jude's.

Date Time Case Nbr.  Type of Call Call Information 
1-25 8:33p 001452 Unwanted Person Request to trespass verbally abusive resident
1-31 9:51p 001798  Paper Service Paper service on resident 
2-03 1:48a 001924  Unwanted Person Resident causing a disturbance,asked to leave
2-15 1:10a 002678  Disturbance Intoxicated male trespassed from TC 
2-20 10:03a 002978  Assault TC resident assaulted another resident, she was barred from TC 
3-02 6:58p 003706  Fugitive Arrest Outstanding warrant for prospective resident
3-26 9:22p 005206 Agency Assist Missing person located at TC 
4-02 3:20p 005605  Fugitive Arrest Outstanding warrant for prospective resident