Public Works Projects

Construction Projects and Design RFQs

The list below shows current and recently closed construction bids and design consultant requests for qualifications. Construction project plans, specifications, contract documents, and the Bidder's List may be viewed and obtained at Builder's Exchange of Washington.

NE 40th Stormwater Trunkline Extension
Project Number: 20021607
Bids Closed: Apparent Low Bid - KLB Construction
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Project Manager: Mike Haley
Contact Info: 425-556-2843

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Trinity Building Upgrades
Project Number: 20011533
Bids Closed: Apparent Low Bid - Andersen Construction
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Project Manager: John Mork
Contact Info: 425-556-2713

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148th AVE NE and 51st AVE NE Pavement Preservation
Project Numbers: 20011501.17.03 & 20011501.17.04
Bids Closed: Apparent Low Bid - Watson Asphalt Paving Co.
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Project Manager: Patty S. Criddle
Contact Info: 425-556-2723

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For general information about the City's bidding process, view the bidding main page.